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- David DeAngelo


            Hey there…

             Let’s get right to the point.

            When you’ve got the skills to get the kind of woman or women that you want, life is good.

             It makes all those other parts of your life seem that much better.

            Whether it’s eating out at a fine restaurant, taking a well-deserved vacation, or handling your day-to-day physical needs, these activities are a lot more fun when there are at least two people involved.

 But here’s the deal.  Most of us haven’t been raised to be as good with women as we could be.

We’re conditioned by music, movies, books, and society in general to believe in fairy tale ideas about how things with women should be instead of focusing on the way things actually are.

Instead of things “just happening” like in a Hollywood movie, most guys wind up walking through life without getting the kind of girls they want, or worse, without the experience of having that one girl who would really enrich their lives.

So this is where it gets interesting.

If you’ve ever seen a guy who wasn’t rich or good looking but who still had a hot, giggling girl on his arm, then intuitively you’ve recognized something that you might not have consciously processed or fully internalized yet.

And that is this…

Being Good With Women Is A LEARNABLE SKILL Like Anything Else In Life

That’s where I come in.

My name is Tyler, a part of the notorious dating coach team called Real Social Dynamics.  If that name doesn’t ring a bell, you’ll want to check out the never ending stash of testimonials that I’ve included throughout the site.

We teach guys to be good with women.  And we’re very efficient at it.

We’ve earned our reputation from years in the trenches.  We don’t just write articles or teach seminars on how to get girls (although we put out some kick-ass products of that nature as well).

What we do is we take guys out into real-world venues like cafes, malls, and nightclubs to DEMONSTRATE how we get girls and then TEACH it to them so that they can do it too.

There are a lot of guys out there who will offer you their theories or opinions on dating but NOBODY in the industry who takes our kind of approach.

Why not?  Because it takes massive skills and a lot of balls.  We’ve got to be able to deliver the goods, on the spot, every weekend.

Lucky for us, we’ve been doing this a long time.

We’ve been the top dating coach company for years, working with everyone from the most clueless newbies to the smoothest in the game.  The in-field bootcamps we run have been taken by more people than any other live dating program in existence, and our name is in the rolodex of anyone who has a shred of skill in this arena.

We’re the guys who pull off miracles, working with the dweebiest guys that NOBODY out there wanted to work with, and transforming them from total dorks to top rate players in record time.

Our approach is something that we tweak, refine, and continually improve upon with every weekend that we teach this stuff… And we have taught this stuff EVERY WEEKEND for several years.

We’ve been featured as guest speakers on television news shows as well as other high-profile dating seminars (some of you may know us from David DeAngelo), and performed pick ups live for curious reporters from magazine publications such as Rolling Stone and FHM.

It’s something that we take pride in that we’re given props not only as being the guys who always date hot women and have the most success ourselves, but also as being the best at TEACHING and TRANSFERRING our knowledge to OTHERS.

What does this mean to you?  Everything… if you’re trying to build yourself a solid and top notch skill-set for getting the women you want.

So let me break this down for you…

What we’ve developed is two potent programs that are designed to get this important area of your life HANDLED as fast and conveniently as humanly possible.

The first is the RSD BOOTCAMP, which is the gold standard of the dating industry – as it is not just theory but LIVE and IN FIELD with the lowest student to instructor ratio combined with the highest amount of personal attention that you’ll find anywhere.

It’s basically the closest thing you’ll find to hand-held spoon feeding on the market.  You come in on day 1 with whatever dating skills (or lack thereof) you have, and you leave on day 3 with huge gains…



 The second is the RSD SUPERCONFERENCE, which is basically a live session where I sit you down and break down the entire dating game to you in step-by-step detail, with all the theory and practical information and examples that you need to deeply understand this stuff.

My favorite part about this program is that because we’re such a “field focused” company, it’s not random theory from self-help or confidence gurus and focuses instead on direct instruction to GET GIRLS.  As in, “Do this.  Say this.  Think like this.  The scenario you’re talking about means this…”  You get the picture.



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