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We welcome you the opportunity of an RSD Internship!

Looking to implement your college training and development into real world experience?  Are you ambitious, self-motivating, and a dynamic team player?  Do you want to exercise your oral and written communication and leadership skills?

An RSD internship is a great place to continue your development, increase your work experience, and learn to use your skills while being part of a team.  If your field of study or expertise is in marketing, finance, human relations or information technology, we might have a place for you!

Not only do you get hands on experience in an office setting and becoming part of a team, but you also gain valuable hands-on knowledge in your field of study, thereby sharpening and enhancing your quality of work.

We are looking for qualified applicants who see a future in developing their own work niche within our rapidly growing and expanding company. 

In an RSD internship, you will prove your work ethic and habits while developing and maintaining new and improved strategies in online marketing, social networking, IT, financial planning, and web development; all while communicating and coordinating with a diverse team of employees from all different walks of life and background. 

Interns develop hands-on skills with various disciplines and the roles and responsibilities of these internships may involve hands on experience with sophisticated business technology and training programs.

And if this is not enough, you will have ample opportunities to take part as an intern in our world-class training camps with our clients!  Our products and services will be yours for the taking.
Just read a testimonial from our very own Huey Pham, an RSD intern who became a full-time employee!

“My communication skills have increased greatly from talking to clients and prospective clients.  I have become much more detailed oriented as this job is all about the details.”

If this sounds an ambitious enough opportunity, then please fill out an application and submit it along with a resume and cover letter according to the instructions outlined on our employment website.

Thank you!
RSD Team

Application Information

Internships are part-time or full-time positions allowing interns to get involved with a particular area of Real Social Dynamics business administration. Internships are UNPAID, but interns will get engulfed with fascinating events and learning opportunities while gaining valuable work experience in one of the most dynamic organizations in the dating coaching industry.

Interns make a commitment to Real Social Dynamics for a minimum of 3 months, but individuals have worked for several years as interns as well. On the other hand, interns have also chosen to get involved in Real Social Dynamics through full-time employment in business administration (finance, sales, marketing, human resources, and information technology).

The majority of interns will NOT become instructors since less than 5% are even considered and instructors are chosen only by the Executive Producer. Internships are not applications to become instructors since instructors are hand-picked by Tyler. This application is solely an application to get an internship with Real Social Dynamics in a business administration role.

Employment opportunities with Real Social Dynamics in business administration positions are available for interns who choose to get involved with Real Social Dynamics on a high level and after demonstrating a long term commitment to Real Social Dynamics' company culture, values, and mission.

Internships require a dedication of a minimum of 10 hours/week; however, interns may complete their work from the comfort of their own homes. In addition to valuable learning experiences on the job, interns are also invited to Real Social Dynamics special events and executive retreats, where interns will learn from Real Social Dynamics Executives.

Intern prospects are considered on a rolling basis every 3 months, and interviews are completed when internship positions may become available. Prospects who are interviewed will receive a followup interview when positions are available that may match their qualifications. Those intern prospects who do not receive followup interviews will have their cover letter and resume placed with Human Resources for consideration of future internships.

If you are interested in applying for an internship / employment, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Real Social Dynamics offers non-paid internships for administrative positions and if you are interested in applying, send a cover-letter and resume in plain text format through the form below.
  2. Look through the available positions and select the position you're interested in working.
  3. Include a cover letter. Your cover letter is your chance to explain why you are sending your resume, what is your interest in a career with RSD in the short and long term, how you learned about us and the position, as well as giving us a sense of your personality, motivation, and enthusiasm. Please use the opportunity to call attention to those elements in your background that are relevant to the position you are seeking. Please put your first and last name in the filenames of your cover letter and resume.

Please note that the majority of people applying for paid employment will not get an interview because most employees start off as non-paid interns prior to being accepted into a paid position.

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Available Internship Positions:

Finance Department


Human Resources Department

IT Department


Marketing Department

Sales Department

Instructor Support Department


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Inventory Financial Analyst
(Finance Department)

To manage inventory of products and live programs and monitor the micro level of overall financials.


  1. Acts as primary contact with manufacturer and sales.
  2. Reviews inventory of products and scheduled programs against present and anticipated sales orders.
  3. Enters specific sales orders into the schedule based on customer demand.
  4. Analyzes the production of inventory, reviewing daily to adjust for changes in customer requirements, delays in receiving materials, availability, etc. 
  5. Reviews monthly finance forecasts.
  6. Participates in finance department's meetings.

May assume or assist in ordering inventory and scheduling function.


  1. Experience in production planning and finance preferred.
  2. Education in accounting or finance.
  3. Ability to analyze situations and react in a timely manner necessary.

Travel Coordinator
(Human Resources Department)

Coordinates all aspects of the travel function. Researches options to maintain an economical, efficient travel program for instructors and employees.


  1. Schedules personnel for approved travel. Schedules personnel from approved travel authorization on commercial flights. Coordinate these two steps to economize when possible.
  2. Obtains executive approval on initial flight requests. Coordinates scheduling of flights and/or commercial bookings. Obtains executive approval on final flight orders.
  3. Monitors the use of company air travel credit cards. Issues new cards and handles cancellation orders.
  4. Prepares travel kit for people expected to travel for the company.
  5. Makes hotel/motel and automobile rental reservations in the most economical manner available.
  6. Updates the Human Resources Manager periodically of all scheduled flights.
  7. Monitors "Frequent Flyer" program participants' use of this program.
  8. Performs clerical and secretarial duties for the travelers. Responsible for knowing instructor’s whereabouts when traveling.


  • Performs other duties or projects as assigned.


  • Well organized person with basic typing skills and a friendly, persuasive telephone manner.

Performance Review Assistant
(Human Resources Department)

To work under the direction of the human resources manager to implement the provisions of the performance review system and write the company manuals. Duties include discussing with both supervisory employees and other employees the purpose of the system and their part in ensuring that it works to improve job performance and keeping accurate records of the program.


  1. Discusses performance review program with each supervisor.
    1. Checks and writes each job description to ensure that it accurately describes duties currently assigned and makes revisions as required.
    2. Reviews the points on which each employee will be rated and answers any questions about how to rate objectively.
    3. Monitors schedule to be followed for annual review sessions and ratings reports.
    4. Offers extra training to new supervisors to ensure adequate understanding of the system.
  2. Trains new employees to understand the performance review system and its benefits to them.
    1. Reviews job descriptions to be sure both employees and supervisors understand the duties assigned and the performance expectations for each position.
    2. Schedules a training session within 30 days for any new hire, the internal transfer of an employee, or assignment of a new supervisor.
  3. Develops schedule for annual employee reviews and maintains records of performance evaluations for the human resources department.
  4. Submits reports of evaluations to payroll department for action on any pay changes.
  5. Assists human resources manager with other departmental duties when requested.


  1. High school diploma.
  2. Ability to keyboard information using a computer word processing program.
  3. Ability to prepare reports and keep accurate records.
  4. Good communication skills to explain features and benefits of performance review system.

Intern Compensation Administrator
(Human Resources Department)

To design, develop, and upon approval, implement variable compensation plans for newly hired interns and for supervisory and managerial positions in the company to improve performance and profitability of the company.


  1. Analyzes intern performances to evaluate competitiveness and effectiveness of present compensation plans.
  2. Gains input from team managers about interns, and listens to their recommendations. Conducts similar interviews with supervisory and management personnel and their superiors.
  3. Reviews compensation objectives and strategies to increase intern performance and company profits.
  4. Develops incentive plan recommendations for discussion with human resources manager. Coordinates a bootcamp schedule and product rewards for interns.
  5. Evaluates effectiveness of internship experiences at the end of three months and recommends actions.


  1. High school diploma.
  2. Compensation experience a plus, including compensation strategies and programs.

Human Resources Development Supervisor
(Human Resources Department)

Manages the personnel needs of the company and is responsible for the screening and training of new employees.  Also coordinates employee benefits, writes and updates manuals and job descriptions, and assists management with all personnel matters. 

Essential Functions:

  1. Anticipates personnel requirements and ensures a well-balanced and well-integrated staff.
  2. Responsible for helping the human resources manager recruit, screen, and interview potential employees. Ensures that potential employees are properly investigated and tested.
  3. Ensures that the Personnel Policies Manual, as well as other manuals, are kept current. Analyzes the effectiveness of personnel policies and practices. Recommends suitable revisions to management based on results of analysis.
  4. Ensures that employees are kept aware of personnel policies and benefit programs on a continuing basis.
  5. Coordinates an annual maintenance review of job descriptions, ensuring that each employee has a current job description.
  6. Responsible for the effective operation of the employee evaluation program to ensure that the proper performance and utilization of the employee's skills are made. Ensures that supervisors conduct meaningful employee and intern evaluations. These are to be used in evaluating interns for completion of probationary period, merit increase, transfers, promotions, demotions, etc.
  7. Ensures that new employees receive proper orientation. Works with various supervisors on monitoring and continually upgrading on-the-job training, as needed.
  8. Acts as central coordinator for employee and intern activities, such as Executive Retreats.
  9. Provides guidance to supervisors and employees on problems originating from individual work situations or work environment. Advises and assists employees, upon request, to resolve personal problems. Counsels management and employees on grievances and complaints. Takes appropriate steps to see that they are resolved or channeled to management, if necessary.
  10. Advises management on programs affecting personnel administration or the health and safety of employees.


  1. Coordinates employee’s vacations. Works with various supervisors in coordinating individual employee leave requests.
  2. Acts as coordinator for the employee suggestion program. Stimulates the program into an active awards program for beneficial employee suggestions.
  3. Acts as coordinator for the Executive Retreats. Ensures that employees are encouraged to the maximum to participate in these functions.

RSD Mastermind Webmaster
(IT Department)

As an integral member of the Information Department’s team, the Webmaster assists the IT Manager in meeting the goals and objectives of the company through the design, maintenance, update and management of the organization’s web-based publication, RSD Mastermind.

The Webmaster will use a combination of his/her design and technical skills to make these Web sites aesthetically pleasing, functional, interactive, and easily navigable.  The Webmaster will take a leadership role in fostering user input in the enhancement of the company’s Web sites and Intranet.


  • Assures that information on the company’s Web sites is represented in a clear and concise manner and that these Web sites meet the high standards of Company publications 
  • Supports the Manager and other staff members in the accomplishment of their duties as they relate to the organization’s Web publication.
  • Under the Manager’s direction, works with appropriate staff from the company's sales operations, Finance, and Information departments to develop and maintain e-commerce solutions on our Web site(s).

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following technical and creative functions:

  • Solicits articles from Company staff and external writers on a regular basis.
  • Using his creative skills, develops a consistent design structure for each of the Company’s Web site publications and blogs.
  • Supports the IT staff with the design of Web pages that support new and existing internet-based IS map (Internet Map Server) applications.
  • Identifies, implements, and maintains an e-commerce solution for the organization’s Web site(s).
  • Assists the Database Manager in developing intranet Web pages, forms and structures to serve the organization’s internal needs.
  • Implements multimedia solutions for our Web site(s) (web cams, streaming video, animation and audio clips) where appropriate, and within the high standards of quality of other RSD publications.
  • Develops online discussion forums and/or similar interactive tools that directly serve our core constituency.
  • Makes recommendations to the Manager regarding design issues, upgrades, and security relating to Internet and Intranet presents.
  • Provides for stable and high-speed connectivity to existing network.
  • Monitors Web use and provides relevant statistical data and reports regarding utilization of the Company’s Web sites, making recommendations for enhancements that will increase access and utilization by internal and external constituencies.
  • Insures that all Internet and Intranet Standards are met and that the Company does not intentionally violate any standards that would place the Company’s domain in jeopardy.
  • In conjunction with staff maintain and administer all legal Internet domains owned by the Company.
  • Responsible for seeking and investigating new ways to serve the Company’s internal and external constituencies and for ways to use the Internet more effectively in order to increase the Company’s internal efficiency, flow of information and communication systems.
  • Utilize technology to provide staff with a fast, accurate, and secure method of gaining access to information, so that they can service internal and external constituencies in the fastest, most efficient, timely and professional manner possible.
  • Operates with a high degree of autonomy and represents the Company in interactions with internal and external constituencies in a calm, friendly, and efficient manner.
  • Assists in the plans and development of systems for the carrying out of annual tasks such as the Implementation Plan.
  • Develops and implements training programs, seminars, and tip sheets to assist staff members in the use of the Company’s Web sites

Training and Supervision

  • Attends initial job orientation and training.
  • Attends supervisory meetings, staff and departmental meetings, team meetings, and training sessions as needed, or as determined by the supervisor.
  • Seeks individual supervision and participates in training in areas he/she, in conjunction with his/her supervisor, deemed necessary to meet job performance and professional development expectations.
  • Remain current in technology, findings and events in the field of Web site management and design and other issues related to his/her work.

Supervisory and Functional Relationships

  • The RSD Mastermind Webmaster reports to and is supervised by the Manager.
  • The Webmaster may supervise and coordinate the work of members of the temporary pool and interns.

Essential Knowledge, Abilities, And Skills
The Webmaster who functions well in this position has the ability to and will:

  • Supervise, work, and communicate with a diverse group of professional staff members.
  • Communicate effectively with supervisors and members of the IS, web, as well as Company staff
  • Serve as a mentor and coach to other members of the staff and volunteers.
  • Work as a member of various interdisciplinary and organizational teams.
  • Assure the integrity and confidentiality of all Company data and records.
  • Exercise leadership as well as to work in a collaborative team relationship with professionals and paraprofessionals from a variety of disciplines within and outside the company.
  • Accept and utilize administrative direction and consultation.
  • Recognize the needs and concerns of people and maintain constructive working relationships with them.
  • Communicate effectively with department and team members, educators, and consumers.
  • Communicate in all interactions - orally and written - in a direct, clear, concise, and professional manner.
  • Establish and maintain effective interpersonal relationships with the Company’s internal and external constituencies and other employees.
  • Respond to inquires and complaints in a tactful, effective manner.
  • Ensure that all required paperwork is completed accurately, and is submitted in accordance with established guidelines.
  • Make appropriate use of monies designated for activities related to the position, documenting expenses with receipts.
  • Exhibit good judgment, honesty, integrity, responsibility, and punctuality through the utilization of professional work standards.
  • Organize work tasks and job duties through the effective utilization of time management in order to complete assignments and position responsibilities according to deadlines and criteria.
  • Exhibit a personal commitment to excellence and the mission of a growing community development organization and the ability to work in a goal-oriented, team environment.


  • Education and/or Experience: Computer science of related field with coursework in digital media or web design.
  • Demonstrated ability to: attend to details within a multi-task work environment; edit text for proper grammar and spelling; work with a team of professionals who possess skills in traditional publications, web development, systems administration, and Information Systems (IS); through superlative interpersonal communication skills develop partnerships and linkages with internal and external constituencies; in developing and maintaining dynamic Web site functions such as e-commerce, discussion boards, and daily content updates; supervise staff, interns and volunteers. 

Presentation Skills: A solid understanding of the elements of artistic design.  Appropriate use of color and the ability to compose web pages that please the eye and convey information.

Language Skills: Knowledge of and excellent skills in business English and journalistic writing, correspondence, grammar and spelling.  Skill in producing and editing well balanced grammatically correct and attractively arranged materials, publications, forms and documents for the Web.

Mathematical Skills: Process a strong mathematical aptitude and analytical/problem solving skills.  Ability to assess Web statistics and make comparative analyses. 

Computer Skills: Experience with HTML, a standard Web site creation software program (such as MS FrontPage or Macromedia Dreamweaver), and skills in Adobe PhotoShop, Macromedia Fireworks or similar design software.  Skills in JavaScript, XML, Active Server Pages, and DHTML are a plus. Skills in other server-side and client-side web languages such as VBScript, VB, C++, Java, Perl, SGML, ColdFusion, ActiveX, etc. would also be a plus. Knowledge of current browser technology, and search engines is also important.


Graphic Designer
(IT Department)

To design art and copy layouts for visual communication RSD media.  Studies graphic elements, determines size and arrangement of graphics and copy, selects type, arranges layout, and prepares for website launches. Acts as assistant to Art Director.


  1. Receives project assignment from art director including parameters agreed on.
  2. Designs art and copy layout to carry out concepts of project.
  3. Selects graphics and clip art as appropriate.
  4. Selects font and lays out sample section of project for approval by art director and management.
  5. Makes revisions as necessary.  Completes design work and sends sample to editorial services department for preparation. Consults with art director.
  6. Returns the copy to editorial services for corrections.  Reviews corrected project and submits it to art director and/or editor for final approval.
  7. Keeps record of time spent on project.


  1. Graduate of college or art school with degree in graphic design or related field.
  2. Related work experience.
  3. Careful attention to detail.
  4. Ability to work independently within scope of assignment.
  5. Ability to work cooperatively as member of a team.


  • Visual acuity (with correction) sufficient to make artistic judgments about layout and design.

Web Site Designer
(IT Department)

To plan, develop, design, establish, and maintain Internet sites for Real Social Dynamics using technical knowledge and communications expertise to achieve marketing or informational goals.


  1. Helps IT team clarify RSD’s goals for establishing Web Site.
  2. Custom tailors a plan for proposed site using combination of graphic and written material, and modifies proposal as necessary.
  3. Designs or supervises design of digitized images, Java banners, bullets, charts, imagemaps and other graphics to enhance appearance of site.
  4. Writes, or edits and formats, copy to present RSD’s message effectively.
  5. Develops video and audio enhancements.
  6. Works with RSD to select a domain name and registers the chosen name with InterNIC.
  7. Carries out functions of an Internet service provider (ISP) to reduce amount of technical expertise needed by clients. Continues to supply consulting services as needed.
  8. Provides marketing and promotion services such as registration of site with search engines and directories.
  9. Updates and expands information on Web Site to attract repeat users.
  10. Meets on a regular basis with company teams to evaluate and modify site as it seems appropriate.


  • Knowledge in computer science or graphics communication and relevant experience.
  • Training in marketing or business administration a plus.
  • Knowledge of HTML programming (HTML 2.0, 3.0, and Netscape Extensions).
  • Willingness to update skills on a regular basis to keep abreast of rapidly changing technology.
  • Excellent verbal skills to deal with questions about Web Site marketing and to translate their message to our customers in an informative and innovative manner.

Search Engine Optimization Engineer
(IT Department)

To track search engine activity on Real Social Dynamics websites; analyze and revise as required to maximize response by optimizing content and use of keywords.  To work with Web designers to improve site and provide appropriate content.


  1. Optimizes website content to make it search engine–friendly and improve ranking.
  2. Analyzes keywords and keyword density to maximize relevant traffic.
  3. Works with Web designers to ensure that templates and copy are constructed to facilitate search engine indexing.
  4. Calculates return on investment (ROI) of ad campaigns and pay-per-click (PPC) keywords to refine search engine strategy.
  5. Prepares monthly reports of website activity and responses to changes and modifications.
  6. Maintains strong working relations with major search engines and keeps abreast of technical developments in the search engine optimization field.
  7. Assists Web designers in a continuing effort to improve site functionality and provide quality content.


  • Education in information technology, website design, or similar field.
  • Experience in website maintenance and development.
  • Facility with the latest developments in search engine organization trends and techniques.
  • Cooperative manner to operate as a member of the Web management team.

Shopping Cart Security Engineer
(IT Department)

To manage all SSL Certificates and Shopping Carts activity on Real Social Dynamics websites and ensure they are optimized and secure.


  1. Oversee Systems Administrator duties.
  2. Assume key responsibility for ensuring continual up time of Web operations concerning RSD programs.
  3. Assume ultimate responsibility for managing and enforcement of security procedures: Shopping Cart, customer database, servers, firewall and software.
  4. Assist in the implementation and tracking of various e-commerce marketing initiatives.
  5. Able to lead project development initiatives.
  6. Formulate creative technical solutions to address business issues.
  7. Recommend web infrastructure improvements.


  1. Skilled in SSL Certificates, Shopping Carts, Shopping Cart Security.
  2. Proficiency in HTML, ASP and PHP.
  3. Strong problem solving and communication skills are required.
  4. Education in Computer Science or related discipline is preferred.
  5. Experience in a business systems environment is desirable.
  6. Development and debugging skills.
  7. Able to communicate technical and business issues to technical and non-technical audiences.
  8. Solid written and oral communication skills.

Web 2.0 Social Networking Engineer
(IT Department)

To identify, form, and manage opportunities with major Internet social networking sites; develop and manage IT model with a focus on growth opportunities in Web 2.0. Work with RSS feeds, Technorati,, and other syndication portals.


  1. Assess requirements to establish Web 2.0 presence.
  2. Work across RSD unites to assess needs and establish desired priorities in social networking sites.
  3. Work with RSD teams to plan introduction of content.
  4. Foster long-term relationship with the social networking and Web 2.0 sites.
  5. Identifies and defines new opportunities within the overall Marketing and IT team strategies.


  • Education or experience in IT/Internet.
  • Experience in delivering growth opportunities.
  • Ability to drive new thinking in terms of business and IT models and marketing opportunities.
  • Strong execution skills and ability to organize as well as lead virtual teams.
  • Strong external network in Internet/Social Networking space.
  • Ability to network effectively also a plus.
  • Models creative and innovative work methods.
  • Willing to promote the goodwill of the company in their work.

Internet Marketing Manager
(Marketing Department)

Job Summary:
Manage search engine marketing campaigns and work with teams to develop a marketing strategy.  Understand the functions of the internet, be able to analyze website traffic, and recommend new marketing opportunities using new innovative techniques. 


  • Simultaneously managing multiple search engine marketing campaigns.
  • Consulting closely with teams to develop marketing strategy.
  • Researching, analyzing, and recommending new marketing opportunities
  • Initiating new techniques to improve marketing results for RSD.
  • Developing, monitoring, and reporting on PPC and paid inclusion programs.
  • Using Google Ad words for increased search response.
  • Researching paid-search advertising rates.
  • Providing recommendations for site improvements
  • Working closely with our development teams to implement optimizations
  • Preparing and analyzing monthly ranking and traffic reports


  • Some Internet marketing experience: Google Ad words, etc.
  • Proven and verifiable record of accomplishments.
  • Robust knowledge of the ever-changing Internet marketing landscape
  • Proficient in conducting research online beyond major search engines
  • Working knowledge of Excel, Word
  • Basic knowledge of HTML
  • Ability to multi-task and meet deadlines
  • Superior attention to detail
  • Excellent interpersonal and writing skills

Marketing Communications Specialist
(Marketing Department)

To assist sales and marketing management with communications media and advertising materials to effectively represent the company's products and services to customers and prospects.

Essential Functions:

  1. Receives work assignments from marketing communications manager based on current needs, experience of the specialist and specialist's particular strengths in advertising or communications.
  2. Meets with appropriate sales or marketing representative to discuss communication needs or participates as a member of the sales and marketing team.
  3. Reviews literature in the assigned marketing project, previous marketing materials used in the assignment area, and gathers materials of competitive companies in the field.
  4. Researches, writes, develops sketches of supporting graphics, and consults with IT team. Presents recommendations to marketing manager.
  5. Writes materials for senior management. Attends the presentation and offers feedback to the speaker.
  6. May develop and coordinate multimedia packages for particular assignments.
  7. Develops marketing programs, as dictated by the assignment, and monitors roll-out of the campaign and checks for success level at conclusion.
  8. Develops draft advertising text and layouts as part of campaign materials and presents to advertising manager for review and approval.

Additional Responsibilities:

  1. May be referral person for questions on department communications materials.


  1. Experience in journalism, advertising, or communications desirable.
  2. Solid writing and editing experience, preferably with industrial products.
  3. Superior presentation and analytical skills, plus demonstrated skills to handle a variety of assignments simultaneously.
  4. Ability to work under deadline pressure.

Marketing Manager
(Marketing Department)

Plans, organizes, directs, controls, and assists the Director of Marketing to achieve the division's short-range and long-range business development objectives in the company's traditional product market segments.


  1. Market analysis:  Analyzes and defines the market for division product growth within the assigned product market segment.  Maintains a served-market analysis defining the total market, company market share, competitor market share, and available market share by product market.
  2. Forecast:  Provides the data to prepare, update, and control forecasts covering projected new-business sales, bookings, proposal activity/costs, and investment requirements by customer and program.
  3. Marketing and business planning:  Develops marketing plans, business plans, sales strategies, and action plans for identified targets of opportunity that clearly define objectives, goals, win strategies, schedules, and action assignments.
  4. Training:  Establishes and maintains a professional, trained, and motivated staff through effective implementation of performance programs.
  5. Proposal management:  Initiates, leads, and directs division new-business preposal and proposal efforts, working through the proposal manager for internal preparation activities.
  6. Sales:  Wins new-business programs.  Provides direction and leadership to other participating division functions and field sales to implement division sales strategy and tactics.


  1. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  2. Demonstrated ability to coordinate a high level of activity under a variety of conditions and constraints.


  1. Experience in engineering, marketing and/or management preferred.
  2. Some technical marketing experience in the self-help field also a plus.

Affiliate Marketing Specialist
(Marketing Department)

To develop the company’s affiliate marketing as a substantial source of revenue through in house and affiliate networks that use content to draw viewers to the site and provide a user-friendly catalog of products and services available to increase internet sales volume.


  1. Confers with Marketing Director to plan scope of Internet marketing activities and to offer a consistent message about company’s products in affiliate marketing.
  2. Works with Web designer to develop advertisements of products and links that focus on special offerings.
  3. Is responsible for implementing content with online technology to attract new users and to increase average length of the average visit to the site.
  4. Recruit affiliates to promote products and services.
  5. Compile lists of potential affiliates and affiliate management intermediaries.
  6. Reviews reports and analysis from the search engine optimization engineer and from the sales department to strengthen marketing efforts and increase rate of return.
  7. Plans promotions and offers previews of future programs for affiliates to encourage frequent visits from customers.
  8. Analyzes sales figures to determine effectiveness of various experiments with affiliates to increase dollar amount of average sale.
  9. Coordinates Web offerings with overall marketing program and plans a calendar for coming year.
  10. Monitors monthly affiliate reports and consults closely with affiliates to ensure that projections are being achieved.
  11. Researching, analyzing, and recommending new marketing opportunities with affiliates.
  12. Keeps abreast of new developments in Web technology and affiliate networks by the use of web forums, podcasts, video seminars and specialty websites.


  1. Prior experience in Web marketing and IT with increasingly broad responsibilities.
  2. Ability to coordinate the various aspects of affiliate management to maximize its effectiveness as a marketing tool.
  3. Understand the functions of the Internet, be able to analyze website traffic, and recommend new affiliate marketing opportunities using new innovative techniques. 
  4. Robust knowledge of the ever-changing Internet marketing landscape
  5. Proficient in conducting research online beyond major search engines.
  6. Good management skills to foster team spirit and cooperation.
  7. Excellent interpersonal and writing skills.
  8. Basic knowledge of Excel, Word, HTML.

PR and Editorial Assistant
(Marketing Department)

An experienced writer who will interact with the PR firm and edit copy in English, according to the editorial needs of client publications through the firm. Works with the Communications and PR Manager.


  1. Interview publicists and send out press releases.
  2. As a member of the company marketing team, meets with client principals to discuss project and editorial thrust of material to be developed for magazines and other outlets.
  3. Works with marketing director to determine amount and focus of editorial material for the project and targeted audience.  Assigns writing to staff. Develops deadlines, length of copy, and recommends thrust of material for the instructors and writers.
  4. Reviews completed articles from instructors and writers, edits or rewrites to suit editorial purposes of client. Writes headlines and subheads. Returns unsatisfactory material for rewriting or assigns a new writer.
  5. Confers with company team members in graphics, photography, and print completion on final editorial text.
  6. Meets with client principals to review proposed text.  Adjusts text as necessary to meet client's editorial needs.
  7. Drafts letters and press releases as requested.
  8. Oversees company archives.


  1. A creative individual with expert organizational skills and the ability to meet the demands of a rapidly changing public relations environment.
  2. Confident demeanor for dealing with clients, publicists, and writers.  Strong platform skills to make presentations to magazines.
  3. Strong writing skills as evidenced by experience as a writer.  A mastery of spelling and grammar beyond the capabilities of spell-check software.
  4. Additional training courses in journalism and mass communications desirable.
  5. Detail-oriented, able to function well under pressure of deadlines, and proven success in handling several projects simultaneously.
  6. Flexible, results-oriented team player.

Communications and PR Manager
(Marketing Department)

As a member of the marketing department, to develop and produce publications, e-zines, and news releases to present the RSD identity to the employees, the customers, and the broader community.  To organize and carry out events to promote employee morale and community goodwill.


  1. Creates and produces the newsletter for employees.  Plans subjects to be covered, produces articles.
  2. Reports on new hires, promotions, retirements, company projects, and new product development.
  3. Creates and produces a quarterly newsletter for customers reporting corporate activities of general interest to readers.  Selects topics that indicate long-range company plans as well as reports of community service activities.
  4. Encourages employee and corporate participation.
  5. Prepares press releases for company announcements of public interest.
  6. Coordinates efforts with other product-oriented advertising and promotions to present a coherent image of the company.
  7. Plans all employee social functions such as gatherings and Executive Retreats. Arranges for Executive Retreat rentals, food, entertainment, and invitations.
  8. Arranges for photography of Supeconferences and press coverage when appropriate.


  1. Education in some field relating to communications and marketing preferred.
  2. Experience in marketing or publishing.
  3. Experience with desktop publishing procedures and software, including basic HTML.
  4. Excellent written communication skills.
  5. Ability to work independently and use good time management to handle a variety of duties.

Copywriter and Editor
(Marketing Department)

To write and edit advertising copy designed to sell RSD programs. To present products accurately and concisely in an appealing manner stressing features and benefits.


  1. Studies products to be familiar with their features and benefits.
  2. Understands uses of programs and improvements over previous models.
  3. Decides upon theme or features to be stressed in promotional material.
  4. Participates in all campaign planning sessions with marketing and art departments for Internet use.
  5. Prepares copy for all products and presents for review by marketing director.
  6. Reviews copy in layout prepared by art department.
  7. Studies successful campaigns by other agencies and keeps abreast of the industry through trade publications.
  8. Prepares press releases or product instruction sheets when assigned.


  1. Bachelor's degree in English, journalism, marketing, or related field. Experience in sales highly desirable.
  2. Advertising experience a plus, preferably Internet experience.
  3. Computer skills.
  4. Excellent verbal and written skills.
  5. Ability to organize time and to respond to deadline pressures.
  6. Ability to work independently and also as a member of a team.

Social Networking Coordinator
(Marketing Department)

To identify, form, and manage opportunities with major Internet social networking sites; develop and manage marketing model with a focus on growth opportunities in RSD Nation. Work with Facebook, Google, YouTube, and other social media outlets and forums.


  1. Assess requirements to establish presence in forums and as part of RSD Nation.
  2. Work across RSD unites to assess needs and establish desired priorities in social networking sites.
  3. Work with RSD teams to plan introduction of content in RSD Nation and other outlets.
  4. Foster long-term relationship with the social networking and Web 2.0 sites.
  5. Identifies and defines new opportunities with the IT team strategies.


  1. Education and/or experience in social networking and Web 2.0
  2. Ability to drive new thinking in terms of marketing models and opportunities.
  3. Strong execution skills and ability to organize as well as lead virtual teams.
  4. Strong external network in Internet/Social Networking space.
  5. Ability to network effectively also a plus.

Blogging Coordinator
(Marketing & IT Department)

To help develop and maintain corporate blogs and the RSD Nation forum. To interface with key departments (executive, marketing, sales, IT etc.) to ensure blog content captures readers' interest, while promoting company message.


  1. Develop and maintain plan for RSD's Internet presence, based on management priorities, policy directions, and goals.
  2. Perform continuous enhancements and modifications to blogs and the company newsletter.
  3. Maintain quality assurance, by open information exchange with instructors and marketing departments.
  4. Assess new standards, technologies and trends, and formulate plans for future enhancement to blogging strategies.
  5. Use latest syndication and blogging tools with HTML, when appropriate.
  6. Ensure blogs and forum are accessible from a variety of different environments.
  7. Produce a consistent visual image on blogs including maintenance of templates and image archives.
  8. Ensure images are delivered to the viewer at sufficient high speed and quality.
  9. Create image links and ensure links are up to date.
  10. Troubleshoot and repair bugs and problems.
  11. Respond promptly to blog comments and email.
  12. Provide metrics of traffic statistics, reports and blog comment feedback to appropriate areas.
  13. Research, write/edit and suggest layout for new articles and features.
  14. Act as liaison between blog readers and RSD writers.
  15. Interface collaboratively with web design team to insure cohesiveness between blogs and corporate web site.
  16. Perform other duties, as assigned.


  1. Possess engaging writing skills with a professional posture.
  2. Must have published blogs with confirmed reader visit statistics.
  3. Experience in achieving company objectives with blogging expertise.
  4. Computer and  Internet/search engine savvy to perform online research.
  5. Ability to evaluate new and evolving blog technologies.
  6. Solid understanding of all sections related to the anatomy of a blog.
  7. Ability to utilize reporting tools for analysis of traffic, referral links and reader demographics.
  8. Ability to use syndication and pinging tools.
  9. Knowledge and understanding of current editing, authoring tools, and related blog technologies.
  10. Ability to utilize computerized word processing, blogging and internet software.
  11. Solid foundation in search engine optimization (SEO) and implementing RSS technology.
  12.  Knowledge and understanding of internet operations and functionality.
  13. Skill in the use of computerized blog layout and design software.
  14. Topical knowledge of the Internet, ftp, telnet and the ability to develop website documents.
  15. Topical knowledge of html, web development and maintenance.
  16. Proofreading and editing skills.
  17. Ability to create, compose, and edit written materials.
  18. Ability to effectively manage time and schedules.
  19. Ability to work independently and as a member of a team.
  20. Strategic planning skills.
  21. Ability to include corporate objectives and mission throughout blog presentation.
  22. Solicit feedback from internal departments and understand mission of key departments.
  23. Assist management in identifying opportunities, based on new developments in the blogosphere.
  24. Present professional, but friendly posture with blogosphere colleagues and throughout the Internet.
  25. Provide management and key departments with intelligence from blog feedback, metrics and external discussions related to blog content.
  26. Collaborate with internal departments to enhance blog features and presence.
  27. Act as ambassador and liaison for company with the Internet community.
  28. Develop collaborative partnerships on-line and off-line.

Sales Representative
(Sales Department)

Maintains relationships and takes order of existing customers and secures new customers by calling and performs any duties assigned by the sales manager. 


  • Secures orders from existing and potential customers by means of contacting the customer by phone.
  • Secures opportunities to quote on customer requirements.
  • Follows up (by phone or email) on quotations submitted to customers.
  • Establishes professional customer relationships with appropriate customer personnel
  • Submits weekly activity/call reports concerning customer-related activities for quotes, orders, and problems concerning customer relationships.
  • Performs all assigned duties in the assigned sales territory.
  • Provides lost business reports on a weekly basis.
  • Provides a sales forecast on a monthly basis.


  • Performs any directly related appropriate duties assigned by the sales manager.
  • Performs assigned duties with minimum personal supervision from the sales manager.


  • Sales experience is preferred.
  • Excellent communication skills, self-motivated, self-starter, sense of urgency, personable, extroverted personality, well organized, ability to dedicate 10 to 20 hours a week.


Problem Solving: 8
Decision Making: 8
Achieving Goals: 10
Leadership: 5
Concentration: 10
Attention to Detail: 10
Accuracy: 10
Analysis 8
Motivation: 7
Communication: 10
Cooperation: 10
Initiative: 10
Dependability: 10


Sales Forecast Analyst
(Sales Department)

To review individual sales forecasts from sales representatives and develop composite quarterly and annual sales projections by product line.

  • Review sales forecasts of individual sales representatives, and the composite corporate forecast for reality, adjusting forecasts as business conditions dictate.
  • Presents composite forecast with comments to general manager of sales planning.
  • Reviews sales data bases regularly, adding new historical data after each month end.
  • Talks regularly with manager to review inventory levels and expected sales trends that will influence buying patterns.
  • Participates in new product meetings offering information on trends in historical product sales.
  • Participates in meetings to stay attuned to business trends.


  • Experience in the preparation of sales analyses and forecasts in a marketing environment.
  • Education in business management, mathematics, or statistics a plus.

Advertising & Sales Coordinator
(Sales Department)

To coordinate sales and merchandising programs that originate in the sales department and are offered to RSD’s customers.


  1. Advertising coordination:  Coordinates weekly sales programs and special promotions for customers based on merchandise purchased.
  2. Special sales events:  Assists the sales department with special projects that are programmed for extra sales opportunities, i.e., holidays, contests, seasonal specials, new program launches, etc.
  3. File systems:  Maintains weekly records documenting all communication affecting sales programs and special promotional events.
  4. Reports:  Prepares reports and documents to measure results and advise on various sales and promotional results.
  5. Samples:  Provides samples for advertising department.
  6. Maintains continuous communication with sales and marketing departments in order to follow through on promotions.
  7. Maintains contact with teams concerning customer response and general scope of market conditions.


  1. College or equivalent.
  2. Marketing and sales experience preferred.
  3. Ingenuity and creativity.
  4. Ability to communicate effectively.

Live Program Master Scheduler
(Sales Department)

To manage live program scheduling and attendance with travel coordinator in human resources department, establish and monitor the Bootcamp, Workshop, and Superconference schedules across the world to achieve customer requirements.


  1. Acts as primary contact within sales and finance, determining resource and travel constraints, and developing plans to schedule Bootcamps and satisfy customers' needs.
  2. Reviews computerized history against present and anticipated orders. 
  3. Enters specific orders into the master schedule based on requested customer delivery dates, availability of instructors, etc.
  4. Maintains the master live program schedule for RSD, reviewing daily to adjust for changes in customer demand. Advises appropriate parties by E-mail of changes and additions in the schedule.
  5. Leads weekly live program planning meeting that includes representatives from sales.
  6. Reviews monthly marketing forecasts, and adjusts master schedules accordingly.
  7. Participates in sales department's quarterly forecast meetings.

May assume or assist in travel coordinating function with human resources and the finance department, depending on the task.


  1. Experience in sales and customer care highly desirable.
  2. Hands-on experience with planning systems.
  3. Ability to analyze situations and react in a timely manner necessary.

New Hire Sales Trainer
(Sales Department)

To analyze training needs for new hires and help develop their sales expertise as required and requested by sales manager.


  1. Analyzes need for training when: new interns are hired, new assignments are given to interns, and new programs or changes are made within company's sales system.
  2. Develops training courses and materials to be used for workshops and group training and also, as needed, for one-on-one training.
  3. Assesses learning performances and maintains records of training given.
  4. May suggest modifications to training program.
  5. Is responsible for maintaining sales team updated and trained.


  1. Education in business and sales, together with some background in education or training, is preferred.
  2. Experience in user or customer support.
  3. Knowledge of a good range of sales methods a plus.
  4. Ability to work independently and as a member of the sales team.

Sales Development Manager
(Sales Department)

Administers, coordinates, and implements new ideas within the sales team; and supervises all sales representatives and assists the sales executive.


  1. The primary challenges of this position are to successfully integrate new ideas and cross-development into the sales team, to promote the sales of RSD products and programs, to achieve maximum market penetration, and to attain both short- and long-range objectives for sales growth.  He develops the advertising budget, in consultation with the marketing team.
  2. Spends time planning and implementing ideas and creating Power Point presentations for the sales team.
  3. Periodically develops sales changes to meet changed business plans and/or needs.
  4.  Sets up all new hires with new hire supervisor to ensure maximum sales and profits.
  5. Provides input and recommendations to the sales manager on client requirements and needs, etc.
  6. Keeps informed of competitors' activities through review of information from the field or from other sources.


  1. Knowledge of online and off-line selling.
  2. Must remain knowledgeable about the developments in the industry.
  3. Some business experience in sales/marketing preferred. Also a plus: experience in planning, accounting, administration, economics, etc.
  4. Education in marketing, business administration, economics, or finance.

Instructor Assistant
(Instructor Support Department)

Under instructor?s review, the Instructor Assistant is responsible for initiating and coordinating the clerical and administrative functions required in effective implementation of Live Programs and Bootcamps in select cities. NOTE: This position is NOT for people who want to become instructors.

The Instructor Assistant is based in the local city of the Instructor with travel throughout the area and occasional trips throughout the city.

The Instructor Assistant provides administrative support to the Instructor, including: planning, research, communications, personnel, recordkeeping, bookkeeping. ?He also acts as an RSD representative on Live Programs.

General objectives for the assistant are provided by the designated Instructor.


  1. Provides administrative support to the Instructor to include: preparing documents, arranging meeting time and place, maintaining current practices, taking minutes at meetings, and providing help to the Instructor.
  2. Drafts programs and paperwork and other reports for Instructors as required.
  3. Assists Live Program students.
  4. Acts as Human Resources/Payroll liaison for Instructors.
  5. Arranges, participates in, and implements, as directed, Live Programs and Bootcamps.
  6. Processes and checks all paperwork pertaining to Live Programs.
  7. Prepares on behalf of Instructor the registrations and evaluations for Live Program Clients and distributes it to HQ.
  8. Periodically updates Instructors on policy changes or HR notices.
  9. To carry out, under supervision, specific elements of the operation of the Live Programs.
  10. Goes to field sites and researches venues for Live Programs.
  11. Submits reports of evaluations and reimbursements to payroll department for action on any pay changes.
  12. Performs related duties as assigned by Instructors.


  1. Basic knowledge of local resources.
  2. Impeccable administrative ability.
  3. Ability to accurately deal with several situations in real time.
  4. Ability to communicate clearly, concisely, logically, and coherently.
  5. Charismatic, motivated, and passionate about the company.
  6. Cooperative attitude and ability to act as part of the Instructor Team.
  7. Willingness to work evenings and weekends as necessary.
  8. Must be knowledgeable about the RSD philosophy, guidelines, and planning requirements of Live Programs to be planned.



Quote Start It's such a cliche to throw around - that RSD changed my life. Well gents, it's a cliche for a reason.

RSD is a place where you can work for something truly great, at the cutting edge of one of the most exciting mass movements of modern times.

It's a company that allows you to meet guys who blow your mind on a daily basis, guys who've struggled through oceans of crap to come out shining on the other side. Everyone in this company has paid their dues, and it shows.

With an ethos as strong as solid rock, this company is constantly searching for ways to take the world by storm, to reach out and bring strength and understanding to the mass of silent men out there who live lives of quiet desperation. Forged under intense pressure, this company has a purpose and a direction that demands - and rewards - creativity, integrity and hard work.

Since joining this company my life has become an adventure. From seeing the dizzying skill of the executive coaches to learning fascinating things about the nature of business and mass communication, to traveling around the world...every day has brought new experiences, challenges and growth.

The merciless nature of RSD's view on personal weakness sets a demanding tone for anyone working here. At times, it's incredibly intense, but I believe that working for RSD is a once-in-a-generation chance to push myself to the limit, discovering new possibilities and opportunities opening up for me on a daily basis.

Honestly? This is not a job, but a calling. When you work for a company you love, you don't dread the workload. You embrace it, and enjoy even the mundane moments. You strive for something you believe in, and whether or not RSD is successful in changing the world (and let's face it, it's off to a pretty storming start) I wouldn't miss this ride for all the tea in China. Quote End

- Ciaran, Marketing Dept.



Quote Start The number one reason why I joined Real Social Dynamics is to become a part of this positive culture. The company is full of super ambitious, positive and ultra cool guys.

You will learn how management handles challenging business situations and how they overcome obstacles with positivity.

It?s definitely a life-changing experience. I don't know any other place where you can work hard and still have fun. Quote End

- Kevin, Finance Dept.



Quote Start Working for Real Social Dynamics, simply put, is amazing.

I work in the Sales Department and I came to RSD with experience in sales already. Bringing my knowledge to this team and watching it used to help grow this business is fulfillment in and of itself.

However, it is having such a great group of people around you as well as a company that puts out the best products on Earth behind you that really elevates what this experience means to me. At RSD we are focusing on "natural" abilities. It is amazing to see how natural you are able to get - both with people and women - just from hanging around RSD.

It has changed my life because I am doing something I really enjoy doing for a company that I enjoy working for. This is quite the antithesis of my day-to-day job. Having this added positivity has translated into more positive interactions with girls. I am exuding natural fun and coolness that undoubtedly is from going on bootcamps with Tim and Nathan and working with the Sales Department.

It's just this aura that takes over your life. It is the aura of FUN. It's so potent that I wish I could bottle it up and sell it. it! Quote End

- Jared, Sales Dept.