Alex (London)
Christophe (San Francisco)
Geoff (Los Angeles)
Hoobie (London)
Jeffy (San Francisco)
Kent (New York)
L.B. (London)
Mike (Las Vegas, Los Angeles)
Ozzie (Barcelona, London, Melbourne, Sydney)
Randy (Los Angeles)
Roxana (Los Angeles, London)
Sam (New York)
Tim (New York)
Todd (New York)
Tux (London)

       While traveling around the world teaching at the various Superconferences and Bootcamps, Executive Coaches have gathered intelligence from international cultures worldwide. In addition, every Executive Coach completes a rigorous training program and intensive field work worldwide.

       In order to maintain the highest tier of quality of Real Social Dynamics Instructors, all Instructors must receive consecutive outstanding evaluations from clients of Real Social Dynamics Live Programs and spend several months of training with Executive Coaches.

       Instructors must demonstrate to Management that they are able to consistently gain attraction from beautiful women. This is usually completed by having each Instructor be wingman to Executive Coaches to prove that they are able to meet, attract, and seduce women quickly, easily, and consistently.

       Executive Coaches are the most thoroughly trained and field-experienced Real Social Dynamics Instructors. Instructors receive international training from the world’s best lifestyle coaches, dating gurus, fashion experts, NLP practitioners, and voice trainers.

       Each Executive Coach teaches unique perspectives of attracting beautiful women; they use unique perceptions on styles of fashion; and every Executive Coach have field experiences, and personal and professional accomplishments that make their background diverse and fascinating.

       From training clients on how to attract the women of their dreams around the world to transforming clients' identities with complete fashion & style makeovers, every Executive Coach creates a curriculum for RSD Live Programs an intensive coaching experience guaranteed to be a unique and positively live-changing experience.

    Through highly personalized field training and individualized coaching briefings, you will be guided through an intense program designed to meet attractive women in any situation anywhere.

       Watching these guys in action completely blew away my cognitive model of what was possible. They would walk up to the most attractive girls in the place and have them completely attracted within seconds. You can imagine the level of expertise that these guys possess, to be able to put their reputations on the line at each program, and bring you out to show how it's done live. I'd never seen anything like it prior to the program. Each RSD member has their own unique style and way of doing things, following the same model and understandings.
- Victor B. of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

   - ALEX -

       Alex has worked with the world's most powerful men in the business world. As a corporate attorney, Alex worked on multi-million dollar deals that relied on his expertise. After his work in law, he became a management consultant for CEOs. Now, Alex is a personal consultant and an Executive Coach for Real Social Dynamics.

       After spending a couple summers with Real Social Dynamics Management and Executive Coaches in London, Alex moved to Los Angeles to live and train at the Project Hollywood Mansion. During his time in Los Angeles, Alex developed the skills to consistently attractive beautiful women in any situation.

       As part of his American tour to New York, San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles, Alex studied and field-tested innovative dating strategies and methods. These techniques combined with his skills as a sharp business-man and a world-class hypnotist make Alex one of the world's most sophisticated experts on attracting women.

       Now, after meeting and working with the top dating coaches and executive coaches in North America, Europe, and Asia, Alex lives in London, where he trains clients during Real Social Dynamics Bootcamps. His vast knowledge, culture, and wit give his programs a cutting-edge.

       As a personal coach and hypnotherapist, Alex also has a special ability to also work with clients deepest inner game and confidence issues. His ability to see right through a client and identify a client's most haunting sticking points give him the ability to quickly change their mindsets and skillsets.

       I am discovering through experience and feedback the potential and the status of my communication. I haven’t quite absorbed and internalized much, but I have absorbed and internalized so much already. Words don’t quite deserve the experience. The risky nature of the opening up is made acceptable by Alex.

       I am learning to learn back. This is something I have been told before, but this demonstration of how I looked illustrated how ridiculous I am being and I never know it. The honesty from Alex over movements, and their constant attention to nuance in giving me a foothold in self critiquing when I leave, and I know what my work will be directed at in the upcoming months. I came because I came to a zenith with my skills and didn’t know hot to keep progressing.

       I have been led through the find the best of myself because of Alex's memorable and professional approach. I have never dressed nor thought of dressing how I am now. I have never been put through sets with women that consistently stretched me to my limit. A stayed enjoyable and nerve racking. I am grateful for the experience of a lifetime.

- Peter J. of Portland, MI, USA


       As a world-class guitarist in an internationally acclaimed rock & roll band, Christophe traveled the world meeting attractive women. After attending university in Paris, Christophe became one of the founding computer programmers of one of the world's most popular software applications.

       Christophe still found the urge to help people meet attractive women. After traveling around the world with Papa and Tyler before Real Social Dynamics was founded, Christophe seduced some of the world's hottest babes.

       As a personal coach at several Real Social Dynamics Live Programs, Christophe helped several clients in the field to discover the intricate secrets of attractive women of particular beauty. After gaining several Excellent evaluations from clients, Christophe enrolled in the Executive Coach Training Program at Project Hollywood Mansion.

       Soon, Christophe became one of the main Instructors running Bootcamps in San Francisco. Offering a unique perspective of attractive women, social proof, and international cultural perspectives, training through a Live Program with Christophe will be both fun and awe-inspiring.

       It [the Bootcamp] was a great experience. Christophe is very supportive and motivating. He keeps reminding me of my sticking points so I can overcome them. Repetition definitely helps to remember the material. The material is very good. I now have a structure to follow.

       Before, I had no plan of action whatsoever. We identified my major sticking points and now I know what to practice on. Also, I got some good clothes and made definite progress; and I got some great pointers on body language and fashion. I learned some good openers and good pointers on body language mistakes that I was making.

       Christophe observes my sets [interactions with groups of women], gives good observations, and puts a positive frame on things.

       And I approached more girls in one night than I did in the past 3 years. I got some really good experience, but the most important thing is that I am now aware of what's going on. I'm noticing my body language...and I'm learning to gauge and adjust my game.
- Max K. from St. Helena, CA, USA


       After attending West Point for undergraduate university (where Geoff became the 'official military lady's man'), Geoff went to work for Tony Robbins as a business associate of one of Robbins' Trainers.

       After traveling around North America learning how to produce amazing results in his life and the lives of others, Geoff winged with Tyler and other Executive Coaches in the hottest venues of the infamous Sunset Strip.

       Afterwards, it became apparent that Geoff was definitely someone who would make a high-calibre Instructor. So Geoff was initiated into the RSD Executive Coach training program and then nominated to become the present Operations Manager of the Project Hollywood Mansion.

       His dedication to the mission, core values, and ideals of the RSD crew thoroughly impressed Senior Management, and he was invited to join the Real Social Dynamics team to travel to Europe to attend a thorough international field training program to become an Executive Coach.

       I made a lot of progress. It's been the longest journey to get the results that I've wanted, and this program has been the first step in all that...Geoff is great in every way...I have seen amazing things, have advanced massively even though I have a long way to go. I'd say these 3 days have cut off years from my learning curve.

- Jim R. of Minneapolis, MN, USA

       Now, Geoff lives in Los Angeles and will share with you his secrets on how to attract and seduce the women of your dreams. With his sniper-sharp wit and aggressive demeanor, Geoff teaches men how to attract with using a simple and unique style.

       Working with Geoff, clients will experience his passion and love for giving a 100% committed effort to helping students achieve lasting success with the women they've always wanted. Students that are really interested in getting their game up to speed may receive individualized training with Geoff.

       The guys that I knew would do well got even more exceptional results than prior to the program, and increased their knowledge and choice to unbelievable levels. Going out with the RSD instructors, you feel like you're in the hands of complete experts. They take control of the experience and make sure that you learn everything that you'll need to know to get the same results. These guys are the real deal. I had no idea that anything like this even existed. You HAVE to see it done in real life. No amount of reading theory can replace the live experience. Once you've seen it done, it becomes so easy because it's just a matter of replicating what you learned as you watched it go down right in front of you. The best part about it was that seeing it done made me realize how NORMAL it is to do this. It's completely natural. My life has definitely changed. Take the program, and get this area of your life mastered.
- Paul W. of Hong Kong, China


As a world-traveling Playboy and the partner of a pharmaceutical business, Hoobie decided to travel the world and hangout with the guys that were writing articles about attracting and seducing attractive women. One of these men became a personal coach for Real Social Dynamics and Hoobie's future mentor.

       After traveling around the world and training with the Real Social Dynamics Instructors, Hoobie started teaching clients the arts of meeting, attracting, and seducing the world's most attractive women...from the initial opening to the final seduction.

       On top of that, his dedication to instruct others also inspired him to become the leader of an Australian organization dedicated to helping locals find wingmen and help each other attract women in their particular social scenes.

       Hoobie's talent in the field, dedication to helping others, and ability to charismatically and enthusiastically teach others attracted the attention of Real Social Dynamics Management, who invited Hoobie to train in the Project Hollywood Mansion's Executive Coach Training Program.

       After rigorous training, Hoobie became an Executive Coach, who now instructs at Real Social Dynamics Live Programs worldwide, including individualized 1-on-1 training through Sydney Bootcamps.

       We met some very pretty girls, but Hugh [Hoobie] kept pushing me to start sets with them. It paid off. I got phone numbers from 4 girls, one of them was a famous model. Hugh gave me an image makeover and I looked amazing and it gave me the confidence to have a great night. I also learned how to escalate. I had girls coming up to me and closing me and calling me that night!!! That's never happened to me before. Hugh has a natural insight into how women think and what they respond to.

- Lucas C. of New York, NY, USA


       After attending San Francisco State University as an English Literature university student, Jeffy (aka “jlaix”) became the editor for the Real Social Dynamics E-Course, where he writes articles about his adventures traveling around the world, discovering pickup lines that work, and seducing beautiful women. His particular area of expertise is scoring threesomes; in fact, he spent a entire year having ménage-a-trois EXCLUSIVELY in order to develop a strong, consistent skill-set in this area.

       As an amateur singer and comedian at several San Francisco nightclubs, Jeffy has an amazing ability to captivate an audience, which extends to his interactions with women. Now, he shares his stories and knowledge of attraction LIVE as an Executive Coach at Real Social Dynamics Bootcamps.

       Rolled out to [the nightclub to] take Jeffy up on his offer to wing. One thing I can tell you guys is, just by virtue of hanging out with this guy you'll be inspired, and you'll reek confidence.
- Srini R. of San Francisco, CA, USA

       Many say that Jeffy needs to have a television show or movie made about him, as the interactions that he encounters and the stories about the women that he meets are oftentimes so outrageous and fascinating that you’d truly have to see it to believe it.

       While living in a house with several female and male wingmen, Jeffy is found going out to the nightclubs to meet girls every single night. Jeffy is someone who has tested every possible way you could go about meeting and attracting women until he found what actually works consistently and successfully.

- KENT -

       After graduating from the University of Virginia with a degree in finance and management, Kent went to work in the world of finance as a research associate and trader fro one of the largest investment managers in the world.

       While in the field with Tim, Todd and other RSD Instructors, Kent demonstrated a strong potential and was invited to join the RSD Executive Training Program while living in New York City. Like the other executive coaches, he shared a passion for beautiful women and the love for the game of attracting them.

       After traveling around the country and training with the Real Social Dynamics Instructors, Kent started teaching clients the beliefs, attitudes and techniques that will make them naturally attractive to women.

       While living in the city that never sleeps, Kent is found going out to the lounges, bars, and nightclubs to meet girls every single night. Kent is someone who has tested every possible way you could go about meeting and attracting women until he found what actually works consistently and successfully.

       Everything I learned and the instructors told and implemented right away into my set. The attitude, body language, opening hard, having fun, refining the show to make tighter, took digits and stayed in set, of little while, looping in different stories, never try rapport. All these I made adjustments when I recognized myself or directed by instructors. I am totally excited to go out and be a maniac. Kent, I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can easily see this as a life-altering weekend and I would probably never forget Kent in my life! It totally and fully served my expectations.

- Chuck R. from New York, NY, USA

- L.B. -

       A co-founder of an internet media company, L.B. has travelled through major
metropolitan cities around the world and is well known in a number of
influential private circles including the future king of England who he
counts as one of his many friends.  In his travels, he also worked in
several fascinating jobs such as Elle Paris in Asia and the United Nations.

       After attending Phillips Exeter and Oxford University, L.B. toured the
trendy and fashionable establishments throughout Europe meeting and
attracting gorgeous women.  During this time, L.B. gained a strong
international reputation in several nightlife social circles as a party boy.
When not travelling, L.B. returns to medical school to complete his training
as a doctor.

       I just pulled back to back lays last weekend....ha, ha Loverboy [L.B.] is my yoda man....I got laid 9 times in the last 12 weeks AFTER LB BOOTCAMP. Can you believe that sh*t? Man, when you said my game will take off after bootcamp I thought you were bullsh*tting me...ha,ha, gotta think again. I am a LB clone in field, ha. You rock."

- Osvaldo P. of Spain

       While living in Edinburgh, L.B. began training with Real Social Dynamics
Executive Coaches in Europe. During this training, L.B. built upon his
natural abilities to attract women into a science and art.  Now, his game
has developed to such an expertise that his skillset is taught at
individualized RSD Bootcamps.

       Today, L.B. lives with Hoobie in Edinburgh, a gorgeous multi-cultural city
with some of the most beautiful women in the UK. As a frequent traveler, he
teaches 1-1 European Bootcamps to share his love for women, and, to help
others develop a tailored skillset that has allowed him to date some of
Europe's most wealthy, famous, and attractive women.

       With a strong desire to serve humanity as a doctor, and as an executive
coach for Real Social Dynamics, L.B. has worked with Real Social Dynamics on
a curriculum that will give clients the knowledge and education necessary to
be successful with women.

       Before I go into details, let me just say that this was really a f*cking great experience. I got SO much out of it, and had the wickedest time in the process. When we were out, it all came together. Each set I got better. The last 3 sets, I felt so money. I felt like I was really tapping into something powerful.

       A notable sticking point of mine was when/where to get numbers. If I got them after the kiss-close, they'd often flake. I guess buyer's remorse. I think it was LB that said to push for the number first, and just get it like its no big deal. Like just so we could vibe more/continue the conversation. Kinda under the radar. So I got 3 numbers and an email from 2 hot brazilian chicks.

       LB came over... He re-opened [a group of hot girls] with a stronger frame. Then he just talks blatant PU [pickup] in front of them, it goes so over their heads: "Set is open. Pick target and attract" So I pick one and run some attract...After 5mins I get makeout (LB has made out with his girl in like 30 secs, damn I'm not that fast yet ) ...

       This girl is like a lithuanian rock chick, she's in tight black top and black skirt, black rock boots... but she's hot. Very sensual and great body. Club closes, and LB says "dude, these girls are extractable. Extract or debrief, your choice." At first I'm kinda a wuss about it and say I guess I should get debriefed, then I think f*ck it, this sh*t is about getting LAID, so we extract them.

       LB takes us to a chinese restaurant, all the while dropping lines of advice - "re-open, she's going cold" "just vibe, don't game".

       So we head back to his hotel, and he's urging me to split the set. The girls jokingly suggest vodka, so I grab mine and we go for drinks. At this point my head's buzzing, and my extraction was VERY weak, but I grab her hand anyway and we go to the "shop". I find the vibe picks up when its just her and I ...

       By this time its like 4am. So I pull her aside, more heavy makeout in the street then I just whisper "forget the vodka. I'm taking you home". So we jump in a cab and head to my hotel room.

       These guys really care about you succeeding with women, they are not just there to show off. LB for example went out of his way for like an hour past the end of workshop to keep the set alive for me and make sure I got the extraction, which led to a lay. Particular thanks to him, along with the rest of the guys who will gladly do this for you.

       Also, this weekend is CHEAP... [the program] is WELL WORTH IT. You look at other weekend workshops, this is the cheapest. Like an NLP weekend workshop, or a sales negotiation workshop would cost double this.

- Rich B. of London, England

- MIKE -


       Mike started his career with Real Social Dynamics as an corporate finance intern, and then a business manager. While in the field with Tyler, Mike demonstrated a strong potential and was invited to join the RSD Instructor Training Program while living at the Project Hollywood Mansion.

       During his first weekend of Live Programs, Mike demonstrated a natural ability to consistently attract women, whether they are with their girlfriends, talking to other men, or whether they are just by themselves. After graduating from UCLA with a bachelors degree in philosophy, Mike dedicated himself to "the game".

       Mike proved to have an excellent understanding of game mechanics. He quickly recognized exactly what was wrong after the initial briefing, and summed it up simply – a lack of signaling intent on my part. He then gave...loads of attract material for high energy environments before we headed out to test it.

       Since finishing the workshop, I have found definite progress...I find that I can hook almost every set and establish attraction easily. In the past two weeks I have made definite progress, including more make-outs, extremely solid number closes, [sex] and 2 girls that I should have [had sex with] but didn’t have the logistics to.

       I would highly recommend the Bootcamp to anyone who feels they need direction or that their game has stalled, and I would definitely advise people to ask for Mike - especially if they want to be more dominant or confident in set.

       He also gave an excellent explanation of cold reading and how compliments work, and how to adjust your value and hers in set. The great thing about Mike is that he was a natural before joining RSD and his confidence, attitude and understanding is absolutely excellent, he exudes this naturally and much more importantly, he knows how to communicate this attitude and instill it in his pupils.
- Keith B. from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

       Mike has traveled the world as an international playboy and a "bad boy" that women just love to be around. From engaging in threesomes from his first weekend out with Real Social Dynamics to seducing gorgeous Hollywood socialites, Mike has added a new twist and dynamic to the company.

       When women meet Mike, they are quickly engaged in verbal jousts leading to sexual tension and physical intimacy. With an uncanny ability to gain attraction over the phone, Mike is able to consistently attract and date beautiful women, especially for threesome relationships.

       During several months as the wingman of Real Social Dynamics Executive Coaches from Australia, Europe, and North America, Mike refined his already natural skill-set into a more refined art, and he is teaching his own unique method during Real Social Dynamics Live Programs.

       Mike was a fantastic overall instructor who taught me an unbelievable amount over a short period of time. For months and months, I had walked the streets, parks and stores of Manhattan, surrounded by the world’s most beautiful women. Opportunity to seize the day confronted me each morning. But instead I found myself completely unable to pull the trigger.

       Starting a conversation with someone is one of the most simple elements of human interaction, but for me, and millions of guys like me across the world, this task became an obstacle more fearsome and relentless than anything I had ever faced.
But this weekend, with the help of my friend Mike, I smashed through this obstacle like a sledgehammer.

       Today, I approached during the day more than 15 times the numbers of women that I approached during the prior two decades. Blondes, brunettes, red heads, older women, younger ones and girls my age, girls with headphones, girls with groceries, girls with cigarettes, girls with dogs. It was accomplishment that anyone would be proud of. But I see now, that is with all things in life, there are many more bridges to cross before I achieve my dreams.
- Brian H. from New York, NY, USA


       Ozzie was born and raised in Havana, Cuba. From a very young age, he realized that he was meant to travel the world and get an education that would allow him to achieve great things.

       He studied English at the University of Havana, and through hard work, he was eventually awarded a government scholarship to study in Europe. This provided him with the opportunity to leave Cuba, and move to Austria, where he learned business management.

       Over the years, he traveled throughout Europe, eventually settling in Spain, where he went on to play semi-professional baseball, and, also form his own successful business teaching English to locals.

       Still not content, Ozzie decided to learn as much as he could about male-female dynamics so he could have the fulfilling relationships that had always eluded him. He traveled the world, learning seduction and dating secrets from the best of the best.

       After taking a Real Social Dynamics bootcamp in London with LB, he was on the radar of RSD management, who felt he had the potential to become truly great. In fact, he was visited in Barcelona by Tyler and Papa themselves so that they could assess his talent firsthand.

       After determining, he was, in fact, the real deal, Ozzie was admitted to RSD's grueling Executive Coach training program, which he passed with flying colors.

       Now, Ozzie can be found instructing at Real Social Dynamics live programs throughout Europe, North America, and Australia. He is based in Barcelona.

       This is a course that is life-changing, not just for fucking chicks! I did 25 sets over many hours. At the beginning I was stuck after the opener, but Ozzie helped me to go over it. At the end, I learned a lot. I did a lot of sets by my own, without routines and Ozzie corrected everything I did wrong. I improved my openers, my stories, and the most important thing is that I learned to push the sets even if I thought it was not possible any more. I also did some "hard" sets, like opening very hot girls surrounded by a lot of guys. We went through all the field journal today. It was like filling in the gaps in my game. I had lots of questions and Ozzie answered all of them. It was so cool.".
- A. from Sydney, Australia


       Before Real Social Dynamics acquired the Project Hollywood Mansion, Randy attended a free seminar by Tyler and Twentysix, and applied to become one of two interns for Real Social Dynamics; Randy then worked for Real Social Dynamics as an instructor, business manager, and a member of the Project Hollywood Mansion.

       While traveling around the world with the Real Social Dynamics crew for Live Programs, Randy offers his unique perspectives and advanced insights as a dating coach, fashion expert, and an undergraduate college student studying International Relations.

       After intensive training with the Real Social Dynamics Executive Coaches for several months at the Project Hollywood Mansion, Randy took on administrative and trainer roles.

       Randy was nominated as the first House Manger for the Project Hollywood Mansion including the duties of limo service management, travel logistics, and accounting for the House Members.

       In addition to being the live-in House Manager for the Project Hollywood Mansion, Randy became the Business Manager for Real Social Dynamics; he was in charge of management information systems, production, and event planning for Real Social Dynamics Live Programs.

       However, after traveling to Europe and temporarily moving out of the Project Hollywood Mansion, Randy left behind his administrative and management duties and became an Executive Coach.

       I learned so much [at the Los Angeles Bootcamp]. I can't thank you enough. I miss winging with Randy. It's so amazing how he could just open up a conversation with a set of beautiful women and just blow it up, whereas other people would just stall the conversation.
- Jim G. from San Francisco, CA, USA

   - ROXANA -

       Roxana has worked with Hollywood movie studios and theatres in production after getting her masters in business administration in Mexico. While she was in Los Angeles, she met the Real Social Dynamics team. After living and training with the Real Social Dynamics instructors at Project Hollywood Mansion, she was invited to become a coach. Now, Roxana translates RSD programs into Spanish and she is an instructor at Real Social Dynamics bootcamps.

       After traveling throughout the United States and Europe with Real Social Dynamics, Roxana developed a strong skillset with coaching others on the dynamics of male and female interactions. During her training, she learned a skillset that would allow her to create and inspire dramatic change in individuals that want to consistently be able to attract the opposite sex.

       As part of her North American tour to Hawaii, New York, Toronto, and Los Angeles, Roxana studied and field-tested innovative dating strategies and methods. These techniques combined with her skills of an elegant and persuasive businesswomen, and a producer for a theatre company, make Roxana one of the world's most stunning experts on attraction.

       Now, after meeting and working with the top dating coaches and executive coaches in North America, Europe, and Canada, Roxana lives with Tyler. Tyler has trained Roxana into one of RSD's respected instructors. Roxana trains clients during Real Social Dynamics Bootcamps regularly. Her vast experience, passion, and talent give her programs a cutting-edge.

       As a personal coach, Roxana also has a special ability to also work with clients deepest confidence and personal issues. Her ability to see right through a client and transform a client's sticking points into strengths give her the ability to quickly change their mindsets and skillsets.

       Roxanna's a tall, slim Mexican, who wears a low-cut top and cut-away denims. It's a look that undoubtedly gives us novice pick-up students kudos when making our cold approaches. Roxanna is always there right behind me whispering in my ear: "Stop moving so much... Look, she's interested... Tell another story... Okay, leave now. Before the seminar, most seemed incapable of stringing two sentences together in front of a woman they fancied. I feel high, I feel powerful. I feel ridiculously excited. I can see that this is really going to make a difference to my dating life. Even without the alluring Roxanna by my side to bully me into the initial approach, I've continued to live by the rules. I've had four dates in the last two weeks, one with a particularly stunning lawyer who I'm seeing again. The course has taught me a valuable truth: you must always make the move. Live by that diktat and you won't regret it.

- Frank Elson of London, United Kingdom


- SAM -

       After winging with Tyler, and demonstrating his field skills as his wingman, Sam moved into Project Hollywood Mansion to join the Executive Coaches for daily field training. During the next few months, Sam traveled with Real Social Dynamics throughout Canada and the United States on Live Programs.

       While training with Real Social Dynamics, Sam studied every dating guru and every seduction book in the Real Social Dynamics Trainers' library. In addition, he went out to pickup girls for every day for several months and recorded field reports of his successes and sticking points.

       He then traveled around the world to meet, wing, and train with every Real Social Dynamics Executive Coach in the company. Each instructor evaluating his skills and, after his hard discipline and passion for building a skillset, Sam became a Real Social Dynamics Executive Coach.

       His ability to demonstrate and teach clients how to approach, meet, and attract women in streets, bars, and other public places has helped clients transform their social lives and meet many attractive women. He also has a natural skillset to make clients comfortable and at ease in every social interaction with beautiful women.

       Sam is an excellent instructor, who is great in voice tone and body language. The bootcamp was very professional and gave amazing information. Last night, in the beginning, I had a couple of bad sets and it brought my game down; however, I woke up this morning and made 8 cold approaches and got a [hot girl's] email address.

       The best part is that I can now approach any women. I have no fears. This is what I wanted. Thanks!
- Kenneth S. from Anaheim, CA, USA

- TIM -

       While attending the Charle Sturt University, Tim became a well-respected DJ at several of the hottest venues throughout Australia. On top of his social proof as a socialite at all the top-tier parties and social gatherings in his social scene, Tim was known as one of the most successful with women.

       As the writer of several articles on dating and meeting women, Tim was extremely fascinated by the topics taught at Real Social Dynamics. Thus, Tim enrolled as a client and became the wingman for the weekend of several Executive Coaches at a Real Social Dynamics Classroom Seminar and In-Field Workshop in Sydney.

       During his program, Tim had the opportunity to wing with Tyler, who was thoroughly impressed with Tim's skill-set with attracting women.

       Several months later, Real Social Dynamics returned to Australia and invited Tim to become a personal coach for the weekend. After demonstrating his ability in the field and as an outstanding Instructor, Tim flew to Los Angeles to enroll in the Real Social Dynamics Executive Coach training program at the Project Hollywood Mansion.

       Now, Tim is found coaching clients on how to properly make real live approaches to attractive women and he can be found as an Executive Coach at the Australian Real Social Dynamics Live Programs.

       I feel completely rewired and inspired. I look forward to keeping in touch with everyone and contributing. This is a GREAT PROGRAM. It breathed new life into my game. Tim is smoothly calibrated and very educational to watch.
- B.B. from San Diego, CA, USA

 - TODD -

       While Todd finished his final year as an undergraduate university mechanical engineering student at Union College in Albany, New York, he decided to enroll in Real Social Dynamics Live Programs.

       After participating in several Real Social Dynamics programs, Todd took time off from university to move into the Project Hollywood Mansion, and he soon proved he was a “mack-daddy”. Being so dedicated to the company, Todd was given the nickname Xaneus and was invited to enroll in the Executive Coach training program.

       As a player in an international amateur soccer league, a skilled martial artist, and avid participant in chess and cross country events, Todd focuses his lifestyle on developing a strong balanced focus between maintaining a high level of health and building strong relationships.

       It is not often you meet someone who loves to teach and genuinely wants to see you succeed. It was then that my life had changed forever, combined with his dedication and support, my game improved exponentially every week...Witnessing him do sets and get the success he had with women, increased my confidence and installed hope.

       He is very knowledge of different venues and environments and always gave valuable feedback that made an impact in field. In addition to having strong inner game, he was also able to apply that knowledge to generate results in the field. By watching him do sets and by noticing his body language I learned tremendously.
- A. S. of Washington D.C., USA,

       Whether at Hollywood’s high society venues, coffee-shops, malls, streets, parties, or restaurants, Todd is always to be found approaching and attracting beautiful women. During Live Programs, Todd is able to demonstrate that he is a leading authority on attraction while being your personal coach and wingman.

       With his own unique sense of style and culture from dating beautiful women around the world, he is able to teach students how to develop a powerful image and firm identity at consistently attract gorgeous women, just as he has so successfully been able to do himself.

       If clients are interested in learning how to meet and seduce women in the laid-back, socially conscious and diverse social circles of the Bay Area, Instructors will share with you their linear science on how to attract and seduce the women of your dreams.

       From being engulfed in the rich culture of Sydney and Melbourne, clients quickly learn how to most effectively convey the attractive qualities of their identity and image to attract gorgeous women.

- TUX -

       While touring major cities in America, Europe, and Australia with Real Social Dynamics, Tux developed a strong friendship with the Management and Executive Coaches at Real Social Dynamics. He shared a passion for beautiful women and the love for the game of attracting them.

       From the training with Real Social Dynamics, and through a strong natural talent to attract gorgeous women, Tux demonstrated an uncanny ability to both teach and demonstrate his consistent skills of captivating the minds and bodies of some of the hottest women around the globe.

       After touring the globe as the wingman to Hoobie and other Executive Coaches, Tux was invited to become a Real Social Dynamics Executive Coach.

       Tux was very good at pushing me open sets, and then telling me what I did wrong or what I need to improve. I started to open sets almost as soon as we arrived, but I got blown out of a lot of sets. My sticking points are voice, frame control, facial expressions, and being more dominant.

       Also, I need to initiate kino at some point in the interaction. Having people who know what they're doing watching me and coaching me makes a difference in that I can learn what I need to do more and what I need to avoid.

- Aloysius W. of Sydney, Australia

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