“Publication, The Blueprint...Coming Soon!

Hey guys,

So the big question for me lately has been “ Tyler, where’s the book?”

My life for the last few years has been dedicated to learning everything I can about being good with women and teaching it to guys in the field. My work is a reflection of me – it is a part of who I am.

I’ve waited a long time to put out the book because I want it to be something of quality – something to separate RSD from the saturated mainstream “Ten funky tips to wow the babes – Step one: Keep up your car clean!” type stuff. Most guys read that stuff for years and as much as it’s a good idea to clean your car it’s not going to inspire the real change that a guy needs to get the most desirable girls.

We’ve maintained the standard of being the company of highest quality for several years, and the book will be in alignment with that. It is important to me that the quality and realness of the book reflects of the quality and realness that we’ve built into the live programs.

I considered carefully the themes and areas that I want to focus on for the next few years of Real Social Dynamics, and most importantly I wrote the book that I wish that I’d had myself growing up.

The main thing I thought about the entire time I was writing it was, “Why do guys have trouble learning this stuff? What’s the missing piece?

It’s done and I’m editing it down right now. It will be out very soon and I’m psyched for you guys to read it…

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